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Also, FYI this is a community project from day 1 (shoutout @taras ) It's OSS, I intentionally left open opportunities for those on posts who design & *don't* code. (Look for the `design` label in issues)…

Issues · miniware/organic_software_directory
The Organic Software Directory. Contribute to miniware/organic_software_directory development by creating an account on GitHub.
Nick Noble

(In case people are curious, how it started:… )

Taras Savytskyi on Posts
Are there any alternatives to ProductHunt for launching small products?
Nick Noble

Invites are live!…

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I can invite you right now - DM me your email and handle It’s unlikely it will ever be open to “the public”. I want the community to grow slowly, only through the intention of members, to fight spam / marketers. Also, it’s fun to be able to chart the ‘lineage’ of invites!
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wow just found some real gems here! thank you for making this :) excited to play around with these

Nick Noble
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WOOO! First person helped by OSD 🏆