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Nick Noble
Replying to @renaise @flomerboy

Where’s the event info?

Replying to @nickisnoble @flomerboy

Here is the RSVP! Feel free to bring guests :)…

RSVP to WhiteBox: Artist+Vendor Showcase | Partiful
WhiteBox 001 is an artist/vendor showcase exploring natural elements, digital ubiquity, and unconventional realizations of contemporary life. WhiteBox 001 will house physical offerings spanning across textile, ceramic, and capsule work. Work from vendors will span across crochet, paper, and clothing mediums. WhiteBox 001 is a product of Artifice, a new media network, and is engineered by Living Skin, a hybrid gallery/library seeking to uncover the life in knowledge and art. Artists: Katie Revilla (@katierevilla) Marcelle Green (@marcellegreeen) Benji Hsu (@benjyhsu) Xinan Helen Ran (@hdogthefurtrader) Iz Nettere(@ocean_ofmilk) Tammy Qiu (@qiu.8)` Poetry Camera (@flomerboy + Vendors: BadoPado (@badopado) Snorps (@soyfacer) Representative of Division of Natural Studies ( — *NEW* Music provided by @Kiptok 4-5pm Coffee and tea served by ak-ak. Follow @living_skin_space and on instagram for contact + updates.
Harika Bommu
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Heard about this in the Figma meetup. Kinda romantic