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I have been using b&w theme for the code editor. The only problem I have noticed so far is that color is used for visual mapping the code, while b&w requires focused “reading”. Two different ways of writing code. Gonna keep experimenting.

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Linked Space Previews [New] Do you have lots of spaces, like 100s or 1000s (like I do)? Little preview images next to each of your spaces, and community spaces, make it easier to visually find the space you're looking for.


Recently I have been playing around with Zola, a static site generator written in Rust. I liked it a lot, so I figured I could share a sensible starter:…

Build a blog with Zola in 15 minutes
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Anyone else into terminal-focused knowledge-management practices? What’s your approach/stack?


Ok, I am willing to give social platforms another chance. Who would you follow on mastodon and/or bluesky?