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What's your recommended practice for the fill colours of disabled buttons? To change the colour itself or to reduce opacity? Do you use the same treatment for light vs dark modes?

cleon looks like a promising tool but I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to use it. Anyone here knows how to use it??

Create amazing color sets superfast.

What are your favourite in-app step-by-step guides? I'm struggling to design them well, apart from just listing out the steps one by one 🤔


Decided to finally learn Framer. ✨ Recreated part of Apple's Siri landing page as my first project, check it out here:


Landing page design drafts from an archived project. Which design should we have brought to life? ✨

cleon reposted

Track and build habits like how you track your git commits. Fill in the squares for as many days as you can, good luck! Awesome build by Sebastian Roehl ( 💎