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Igor Štumberger
Luis Romero

dev tip: sleep well

Igor Štumberger

I don't want to sound all negative, but what happened with medium sized companies building apps/services, which are not only looking to *scale*?

Igor Štumberger

Oh please no 😢 Affinity is being acquired by Canva...and I bet the standalone licenses will be gone soon, based on how Canva operates. Sad for Serif tbh, they were the one company making design tools that seemed "fair"...…

Welcome to Canva, Affinity!
Canva is thrilled to announce its acquisition of creative software platform Affinity as it accelerates its mission of empowering the world to design.
Chia Amisola

For the past four years, I've been collecting YouTube comments left under love songs... ❤️ is my collection of these – centering the love, loss, and longing by the stories we tell in the comments section.. now with 500+ comments + song recs curated by me

Igor Štumberger

Haven't been on for a while and just noticed that it's been shut down... kinda sad to be honest, not that it has been relevant for a while, but I fondly remember it as a great community of designers. Also fun with all the profile achievements and such shenanigans.

Igor Štumberger

I have quite a few PWAs on my home screen, which with the last update seemed to be broken eg. opening Safari for some I see that that's a deliberate change from Apple just for EU customers...what a bummer...

Apple confirms it's breaking iPhone web apps in the EU on purpose | TechCrunch
Well, it turns out it's not a bug that broke iPhone web apps, also known as progressive web apps (PWAs), in the EU. Following developer complaints and