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Igor Štumberger
Igor Štumberger

Just saw that all of the courses on Beat Academy are free as of recently, if anyone is thinking of learning music production. Ivan is a great teacher so I'd highly recommend it 😊

Beat Academy
Unlock your music potential with Beat Academy: Expert mentorship, practical courses, and a vibrant community to kickstart your production career.
Igor Štumberger

Got a report on Reddit that one of my apps is wants to download Rosetta on Apple Silicon Macs, so I ported it today and it should work on both platforms. I did test it on both, but If anyone notices anything, I'd welcome the feedback 😊

Dockey - Make your Dock faster
Dockey makes changing some of the more advanced Dock preferences as easy as clicking a button. With integrated preview, you can see how it would look and feel like and save changes you're happy with the result.
Igor Štumberger

This has to be one of the best books I’ve read till today. So many life lessions and real-talk stories. Just perfect, highly recommended 👌

Igor Štumberger

I finally stared to build a pottery studio in my basement and I couldn't be more excited about it. Not that I'm any good at throwing pots yet, but so far I've kinda managed to make some pretty decent bowls and cups we use daily, so I'd call this a success 😊

Igor Štumberger

Really interested in what comes out of this Donald Glover ft Google Veo collaboration. It seems like they want to bring their AI stuff more mainstream and make it less scary for artists if that makes sense, but not sure how that'll go.…

Filmmaking with Donald Glover and his creative studio, Gilga | Veo
*Flash warning: Please note that this video includes brief flashing/strobe effects.* Ever wondered how artificial intelligence might change how we approach storytelling in the world of filmmaking? We invited filmmaker Donald Glover and his creative studio Gilga, to experiment with Veo, our latest video generation model.  Get a sneak peek inside the upcoming collaboration where he uses AI to create a short film. Learn more about his experience and how these collaborations could shape the future of technology in storytelling. Learn more about Veo: #GoogleIO2024 Watch the full Google I/O 2024 keynote: To watch this keynote with American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, please click here: Subscribe to our Channel: Find us on X: Watch us on TikTok: Follow us on Instagram: Join us on Facebook: