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Joanne Lam
Replying to @danyelle

i might be able to help if you're just setting up a simple personal site. message me if you have questions :)

Replying to @joannelam

This is so kind! Thank you so much. I couldn’t figure out how to change the color of the typography 😭 but I finally figured it out.

Daniel Magill
Replying to @danyelle

You got this!

Josh Pindjak
Replying to @danyelle

If you havent already, watch some of the Webflow University videos. They are really well done and actually kind of entertaining! I self-taught myself the entire platform this way…

Webflow for beginners: Webflow 101
This course is the ultimate place to learn the fundamentals of web design and development. In this course, you’ll learn how to create a fully responsive (and accessible) website homepage with a navbar, cards, a form, and so much more, all in Webflow. And, at the end, you’ll have the skills to develop your own beautiful and impactful sites. Learn web development superpowers, build your own site along the way, and share your progress on social media with #Webflow101. Then get certified — take our Webflow 101 certification exam. Let’s get started! 00:00 — What if this was a course that teaches everything? 00:18 — This is a course that teaches the fundamentals of web design and development 00:57 — Preview of Webflow 101 01:29 — Learn how the web is built and use that knowledge to build and change the web yourself 01:47 — Should this even be called Webflow 101? 02:12 — Webflow University Go take the full course at Webflow University: ---------- Share your progress #Webflow101 on Twitter Get started with Webflow: Join the Webflow Community: