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Donnachadh Mullen
Danilo Ra

Tiny variations for a tiny component.

Donnachadh Mullen

Morning strolling

Donnachadh Mullen

My modern, minimal take on one of my favourite open source products, ShareX.…

ShareX visual design overhaul
Donnachadh Mullen

Been doing tons of work to improve my design skills over the past few months, primarily working on a concept for a Midjourney web app. First version of the case study is now live on my portfolio. Feedback very much wanted.

Don Mullen Portfolio
Donnachadh (Don) Mullen , Senior Designer from Ireland -> Check out recent projects and other information about me
Donnachadh Mullen

Only been posting on dribble for a few weeks, more for myself than anything else, does anyone actually use it? Interaction seems non-existent. Anyway here's a dribble link…

Upscale images on Midjourney
Upscale images on Midjourney designed by Donnachadh Mullen. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals.
Donnachadh Mullen

Intercom's new web design will for sure start a new trend, that shit is fire