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j.r. ignacio
j.r. ignacio

I’ve been using a Google Pixel for a few weeks and the most frustrating thing so far is you can’t use Google Photos to post multiple photos to Instagram.

j.r. ignacio

Back on Posts since I can now use it as a separate app on the Mac using Safari's Add to Dock… It was a little challening to authenticate using an email at first. But figured it out by dragging the link on to the app itself.

Screenshot of Posts as an app on Mac using Safari's Add to Dock…
j.r. ignacio

I love trying out new apps but sometimes all the onboarding email gets a little excessive. I’ve been using Fastmail’s Masked Email or iCloud’s Hide My Email more and more. Makes it easy to filter them out of my inbox or even deactivate the email I used to sign up.

j.r. ignacio

Current status

A view from an office window. A ball like structure with a marking of American Wire & Cable set against a background of a couple of condominiums.
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Seungmee Lee

I had fun making and using experimental web app to take generative AI to the outer world, by connecting it to a camera. I’m sharing access to creative minds on Posts to see how you make use of it! Try sketching your imagination immediately. (code: posts)