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ssh it's pretty simple for now. in the future i'm hoping to host some blog posts as well. would be pretty interesting modifying them to make them as best as they can be for a TUI. built w/ charmcli (wish, lipgloss, & bubbletea)

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New Figma feature concept: Option + Click to copy HEX code fast. When you've set a color style/variable, it's painful to check the HEX code. You have to edit the color style/variable to see it. What if we held down the Option key to reveal the HEX code + click to copy it? 👀


ssh version of my blog, inspired by maybe coming soon..?


TailwindCSS is an irreplaceable framework for me, but i've always found styling gradients to be a bit painful. in this post, we improve Tailwind's set of gradient utility classes by creating our very own Tailwind plugin!…

Improving gradients in TailwindCSS
Let's learn a bit about gradients, color interpolation, W3C syntax, and the Tailwind plugin API to improve Tailwind's set of gradient utility class!