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Igor Štumberger

Oh please no 😢 Affinity is being acquired by Canva...and I bet the standalone licenses will be gone soon, based on how Canva operates. Sad for Serif tbh, they were the one company making design tools that seemed "fair"...…

Welcome to Canva, Affinity!
Canva is thrilled to announce its acquisition of creative software platform Affinity as it accelerates its mission of empowering the world to design.
Igor Štumberger

The "at this time" from the FAQ doesn't really reassure me that nothing will change in the subscription part 😕

Igor Štumberger
Replying to @peterlewis

Yeah. From what I've read is that they're already working on V3, but I think that one could already be integrated with Canva, so more bloat I guess? Hopefully no subscription yet. I have a V2 license which I hope can be used for at least a few years (with macOS versions an all).