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The movement of the shows really well the size and “use” right at the initial view. I wouldn’t necessarily add more, but nice to see right up front giving me the “oh I want to see more” feelings.

Ryan Putnam
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Thanks for the thoughts!

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I like the grid system layout. Looks clean.

Dominik Kandravy
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Linus Rogge
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With @hattie on this, I like it like that and I think it works quite well. Nicely done :)

Jarek Mackow
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I wouldn’t get the fidgeting part without the video, looks good!

Victor Kernes
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Showing the video on hover over the image might be nice!

Patrick Altair McDonald
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+1 for autoplay video. Basically an instant tutorial.

Suleman Hersi
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Aesthetically pleasing 👌