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Evan Stewart
Evan Stewart

Fun fact, I made this "laptop" on our landing page ( with just a few <div> components (wrapping a screenshot). Going to enhance it next week with better lighting, shadows, and an interactive app (vs. screenshot), but thought the original concept turned out nicely!

Evan Stewart

You all are so talented 😭

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Matthew Mang

Exciting to see my last project at Airbnb getting released. Can’t wait for people to experience it as guests!

Brian Chesky on X
We're making it easier to check into your Airbnb. With smart lock integration, you’ll get a unique key code for your stay—right in the app
Evan Stewart

The top 4 spoOoOOokiest scenarios employees encounter when training, courtesy of @basewell 👻

Spooky Training Stories
The top 4 spookiest scenarios employees encounter when training.
Evan Stewart

Dropping a posts-only preview of our fresh app design, landing in November 🥳