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I found out what I really want to do, hbu?

Evan Stewart
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That sounds really important! Glad you were able to figure that out. 😀 For me, it has mainly been about growth. I'm proud of what our startup is accomplishing, in addition to a some incredible depth and significance with my most important relationships and faith.

Sebastião Sommer
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Shipping Tempest search engine and browser from ideation to launch, taking them from ground zero to a fully functional, user-ready state. Here's one case study about of the main features of Tempest browser…

Tempest Browser Privacy Panel
Tempest is a privacy-centric browser that redefines the way users interact with the web, by allowing users to adjust the intensity of tracking prevention, so they can strike the ideal balance between privacy and functionality. Users can check a panel th…
Evan Stewart
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This is so cool! Thanks for sharing!