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Taras Savytskyi

🚀Gourmate is available in the AppStore!🚀 If you love food and want to capture, relive, and analyze your food experiences in one place, Gourmate is a perfect match. 📱Download:… Share and join us on this journey!

Taras Savytskyi

The past few months have been incredibly busy. Although there's still much work to be done, I'm quite pleased with the progress we've made on v1

Gourmate app waiting for the App Store Review
Noah Levin
Replying to @noah

You don't build things just because other people built them. There was an insight that got those people were they are, and you pay attention to the insight, you don't just copy+paste. I know we're all fear-motivated-loss-averse humans, but if we KNOW that why can't we beat it?

Taras Savytskyi

Finally finished The Magic Color Palettes plugin for Figma. Hundreds of beautiful colors inspired by art, movies and games. Fill the selection, add to styles or add to the canvas favourite palettes.…

Taras Savytskyi

Figma Plugin work in progress. Color palettes for UI.