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tom zahrádka
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Soleio @soleio

The tablet of tomorrow launches today. 🌅 Daylight Computer features the world’s fastest e-ink display. It can be used outdoors, in broad daylight, or wherever you draw inspiration. It’s fast and beautiful, like a trim little boat. Learn more:

tom zahrádka

Looking good from POV, no time to rig it properly :-) #C4D

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Noah Jacobus
Replying to @tomzahradka

Just got mine!

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Will Meyers

was inspired a bit by @tomzahradka and his disposable camera lenses

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Miikka Marin

Having fun shooting with this quirky lens made by @tomzahradka The retro vibes are there, straight from the camera 🩶 Now I just need to go out more and have fun with this little lens! 📷