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Jonathon Toon
Jonathon Toon

Trying to log in (derogatory)

Jonathon Toon

After some consideration, I've begun to offer professional design coaching to help creative individuals navigate our complex industry, handle ambiguity, and make a real impact. You can see more @ Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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San Chung

hey yall, i'm now open to product design contracting positions! resume and portfolio ->

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Senior product designer hailing from San Francisco, California.
Jonathon Toon

Recently, I hit a milestone of 25 design mentorship sessions, the time spent on which has been ever so rewarding. If you're looking to discuss growth design, research, or simply need someone to talk to, I'm happy to make myself available.…

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Hi, I'm Jonathon Toon, a software designer with over a decade of experience working on web and mobile platforms with diverse teams from the United States, Japan, and Australia. Now based in Canterbury, New Zealand, I lead several teams (from design, growth and product discovery) at Moneytree, where we're building Japan's privacy-first financial data platform. When I'm not at work, you'll find me delving into the history of video game development or enjoying a ride on my track bike. While also exploring open-source technologies, cryptography, game design/theory, and programming languages like TypeScript and Lua.
Jonathon Toon

Design went from "where's our seat at the table" to "you can't sit with us" real quick.

Jonathon Toon

In August I had the honor of mentoring 7 designers. Discussing topics from cultural differences in design to growth experiments. After a short break I am resuming sessions, so if you know anyone looking for guidance I would love to help.…