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Adam Eastburn
Adam Eastburn

🏀 Last year the Utah Jazz brand team reached out to me to add some zazz. We ended up creating a team of illustrated mascots. I dont watch too much sports but creating for the NBA was the most fun. Im very proud of this project. More info below.

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Jacob Waites

New project launched, I got to illustrate 48 mahjong tiles for Goldielox Mahjong, along with creating the brand and packaging. More info in a new page on the cv! Gonna post some process pics here too soon if people are interested.

Goldielox Mahjong
By Jacob Waites
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Christopher Graves

Gold aluminum mini cam 💛

A anodized aluminum gold colored Game Boy Mini Camera
Adam Eastburn

I met with Tokyo based design team the other day. They put aside a lot of time to give free consultations on branding and provide helpful tips and suggestions on working in the creative space. Very friendly team with a great body of work.