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Adam Kozel
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Pedro Peguero Jr.

Some thoughts

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hey world is this called obsession?

A YouTube short screenshot of freshly-baked breads in good-looking shades of brown with 7 different designs about bread next to it.
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Carlos Andres O. P.

Hey Hey Hey 👋, Interesting project to introduce you to the Box Model of the web, from the Webflow team. If you wanted to learn the essential concepts of this model, you can find it here.

Layout Land
Resize your browser to be at least 900px wide to get back into Layout Land
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Working on animating some of our homepage spot illustrations this week. Made in HTML and CSS. Also implementing Intersection Observer to trigger stop/start so the page doesn't get bogged down. Design 🤝 Code.

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Jvlien @jvlien