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Charlie Deets
Charlie Deets

Got frustrated with my old WordPress site and built a new one from scratch. From 2800 lines of CSS to 171.

Charlie Deets - Product Designer
Designer. Previously Apple, WhatsApp, and Facebook.
Charlie Deets

Animated some of my Midjourney images with Runway. Still very rough technology, but super exciting when the results are strong.

Charlie Deets

Over the past few weeks I've been messing around with iterative tweaks to my website, but that made me interested in some fresh high level feedback. What feels good/bad? Does it give you a sense of who I am? I'm open to any feedback. Thanks. :)

Charlie Deets | Product Design
Human Interface Designer at Apple. Previously WhatsApp and Facebook.
Charlie Deets

Rewatched Her this weekend. Amazing how it still feels quite contemporary.

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Addison James

FrameHop for Figma just passed 340 users! Version 1.1 is live with a ton of new features. Great time to give it a try! • Support for Figma Sections • Redesigned UI • Plugin window now resizable • New Setting: History Length • New Setting: Toggle Page Names 👉