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Olia Gozha
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let me spoil the fun personal stack — .txt files and good old notebooks if it's personal, I want it to be personal and not shared with cloud s somewhere else

Daniel Magill
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Pedro Peguero Jr.
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Bookmarking this...

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Nice sharing! For my case these would be… knowledge base: Obsidian; read-later: Omnivore; email: Apple Mail; ideation: Freeform,; social: mastodon, Posts; reflection: Obsidian, Goodnotes; fitness: Liftin’, AnyDistance.

Facundo Matiaude
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Nice! I'll be trying Strong for my workouts tho. Here's my stack: Organized knowledge: Notion Quick capturing: mymind Read later: Pocket Culture & entertainment: Goodreads, Letterbox Email: Spark (but trying Amie rn) Fitness: Strava Reflection: pen and paper irl