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Dexter Marks-Barber

I feel like being able to interact and click through the app you’re designing is key. Similarly how many Figma users then use Prototypes and Interactions to achieve this? 🤷‍♀️

Spencer Bittle
Replying to @dexter

I hardly ever use the interactions in Figma. I’d love to take the time to shift my attention outside of the tool tbh.

Juan Agrón
Replying to @dexter

Always depends on the intent and type of product. What is it you’re trying to prototype? You might decide you need code. Or you might decide you don’t.

Brent Neave
Replying to @dexter

For personal work, almost always jump into code. Sometimes in the day job a working prototype is warranted.

Pete Lacey
Replying to @dexter

60/70% Figma to get a rough idea of things and a little more forgiving idea generation/exploration. Working on getting that number down, but my skills not up to scratch.

tom zahrádka
Replying to @dexter

I start with pen and paper. Figma is my tool to present ideas in readable and structured form. If I can code as quickly as I can make wireframes in Figma, I might just build it.