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Ethan Bakare

Sigh… 🥲 so I’ve deleted this very post twice. I keep getting a white line on the right edge it’s got my OCD acting up. Cropped it again for good measure before re-uploading. Any thoughts or advice @andy

Andy Chung
Replying to @etbakare

i’ve seen this and i’m honestly not sure what causes it, possibly a rounding thing on our cdn… can look into it a bit further

Ethan Bakare
Replying to @andy

Thanks a lot! I’ll see if I can recreate with a few more images later on. Just to check if it’s a one time dud.

Rome @roe
Replying to @etbakare

Might have to make this one a bg

Ethan Bakare
Replying to @roe

😂😂 appreciate the flattery

Samson Tobi
Replying to @etbakare

Cute little thing