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William M.
Replying to @harikabommu

Oh, many incredible ones!……… (❤)… (Interesting one)

Harika Bommu
Replying to @willisenough

Finally got to look through all. These are so cool. Wulkan has my heart. It’s a beauty

William M.
Replying to @harikabommu

Got a little excited, sorry haha. I found a gallery website to see how people are using typefaces on web. Might be helpful in your search for the perfect font

Best website design inspiration feed
Taurean Bryant
Replying to @harikabommu

I was just checking out Family last night:…

Klim Type Foundry · Family fonts
Family is an everyday typeface based on Clearface—originally designed by father and son, Morris Fuller and Linn Boyd Benton. As an extension of its lineage, Family keeps Clearface’s easy-going curves and idiosyncrasies, while updating it for modern use.
Harika Bommu
Replying to @taurean

Juicy! Thanks for the rec

Noah Jacobus
Replying to @harikabommu

I used Blanco in a previous version of my site and really enjoyed it…

Blanco - Foster Type
Brian Sholis
Replying to @jabronus @harikabommu

Love Blanco. Noah, don't know if you saw, but ~2 months ago Dave Foster released Taurus Grotesk and it’s also beautiful.…