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William M.
William M.

Whether it's for brand identity or visual interfaces, do you think it's better to customers to launch an all-at-once, disruptive redesign or to launch small parts of the complete redesign throughout a long timeframe? Thought from:…

Think Twice Before Updating Your Brand
Brands are constantly changing in order to “stay fresh”, but that’s a mistake. Customers stay loyal through habit, not because you've forced something new and unfamiliar on them. Roger Martin, former dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and one of the world’s leading thinkers on strategy, says brands shouldn’t be so quick to throw away their cumulative advantage. 00:00 Customer loyalty–their consciously choosing your brand–is only half the story. 01:00 What is cumulative advantage, and why is it important? 02:14 Just how fragile is this cumulative advantage? 02:45 Example: Tide laundry detergent forfeits its cumulative advantage. 04:54 Instagram redesigns a familiar icon. Why? 06:03 So, should brands never do anything new? For more from Roger Martin on this topic, read, "A New Way to Think: Your Guide to Superior Management Effectiveness": Follow Harvard Business Review: Sign up for Newsletters: #HarvardBusinessReview #Strategy #RogerMartin Copyright © 2022 Harvard Business School Publishing. All rights reserved. #Brands #Branding #Marketing #ReBranding #Business #Explainer #Success #HowTo
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Wenbo @wenbo

Meet AAAny Portal! A space where you can highlight the full spectrum of your digital content scattered across the Internet. It's your digital garden, your storybook, a narrative of your personal journey, a window into who you are. Create your AAAny Portal today!

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Artiom Dashinsky
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Yes, it’s one of the issues that they aren’t that accessible. There’s but it’s not very active.

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William M.

Wait, are the messages from Slack after 90 days really behind a paywall? Nah, this is NOT POSSIBLE. It would be too insane...

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Justin Mabee

Any photographers near Boston or Providence? I’m in desperate need of new headshots.