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Marek Minor

I'm releasing a FREE icon set related to EU elections! Europe is my home, and I'm grateful to the EU for peace and the freedom to travel, study, and live in any EU country. It's important to pause and appreciate what we have. Get the FREE icons:


Kinda sad that Figma restricted the Starter Plan to 3 files with 3 pages 😢

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Alex Davis
Replying to @maikols

“mlp not mvp”. There’s a time and place for reinventing the wheel and great design doesn’t make up for a bad service, but fun / joy is hard to quantify. Too many teams are cornered into delivering products devoid of fun because of risk averse leadership.


Went cycling to this castle which is basically not from the Middle Ages 🏰 the guy just wanted to impress his wife 😂

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Bilgi Karan

Hi everyone! I'm hiring a UX Designer in Malmö, Sweden.

UX Designer
Company Description: We are on the journey to transform our digital capabilities, bringing core business processes, people, data & technology together - an enabler for IKEA to become an even better home furnishing retailer in the future. A journey that needs passionate people who embrace change, dare to question, and want to make a difference. If that sounds like you, come and join us. Together, we can do great things!   Job Description: We are the team that delivers the digital capabilities needed to Retail Concept Business of IKEA as a franchisor. We are a group of highly entrepreneurial IKEA enthusiasts that provide modern solutions, tools, and frames to all of IKEA to elevate and harmonize the global digital footprint of this iconic home furnishing retailer. It means that we are responsible for the digital experiences and technical enablers across retail experiences, brand & marketing, learning and development which covers,, Skapa, Visa, Knowledge Graph, Learning Solutions, SEO, Domain, and Modular Content.  IKEA, in its 80 year-long experience as a home furnishing retailer, accumulated a remarkable body of wisdom. Now, we are on a journey to make this ever-evolving wisdom easily findable, searchable, friendly, and impactful. About the job In this job, you will be designing co-worker experiences and tools that deliver towards IKEA Strategic Landscape in close collaboration with developers, content specialist, Product Leaders and more. You will be enabling every IKEA co-worker around the globe (there is more than 200 000 of them) to access any piece of information they need, on the spot, whenever and wherever they might need it.  About you Each time a customer meets IKEA at any customer meeting point, that meeting represents IKEA as a whole. We want a people that can take the responsibility of serving every co-worker seriously and with the understanding of scale towards the billions of customers who should always look forward to their next visit to IKEA. We want you to be extremely passionate about co-worker happiness and to be able to achieve that, have a very high entrepreneurial spirit. Falling in love with problems and not solutions is a major success factor for this job. Our 12 franchisees across 60 markets are depending on the solutions you will create. So, being service minded about user outcomes is a must. We expect you also to be passionate about efficiency. Imagine every co-worker wasting 1 minute looking for information. That is 200 000 minutes or 138 days in total! To be successful in this role, the following knowledge, skills, and experiences would be valuable: A naturally empathetic mind that can combine analytical and emotional that allows you to break down complex information, organise it, and present it in a clear and engaging way.  In-depth and demonstrable experience in Figma. Proficient English language skills with the ability to cater to non-native audiences with storytelling skills. Knowledge and proficiency about web technologies and web design. Experience working for, or with, an IKEA company. Alternatively, a great passion for IKEA and home furnishing business. A solid portfolio that demonstrates your ability to design impactful experiences. The ability to build trusting relationships and long-term partnerships with stakeholders at all levels.   Being able to create journey maps, experience flows, wireframes are natural expectations for this job as well as data literacy and digital UX patterns. Workshop facilitation in a way that creates lasting impact and can produce tangible results. Hands-on experience with Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design. Awareness about the complexity of the operations of a company like IKEA.  Additional Information: This role is full-time and based in Malmö. It sits in the Digital Capability Area of Retail Concept and reports to UX Manager. We always recruit based on values, competence, potential and diversity. We will prioritize co-workers employed in Inter IKEA Systems BV, Inter IKEA Services BV, Inter IKEA Systems Service AB, and Inter IKEA. Interested? Submit your CV, in English, by April 26th 2024. Applications with portfolios will be prioritised. If you have questions about the recruitment process, please connect with