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Nabil Ahsan
Nabil Ahsan

Maybe I will finally start playing final fantasy starting with intergrade

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Ben @benni

a directory of directories for digital pro's to find free quality content. built as a side project in 2017 ( on monday i finally started to iterate. here's a draft, any thoughts?

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Nabil Ahsan

I have been hearing a lot of opportunities to work in places like Dubai. Tech roles like UX and Dev. Not hearing about this on social media though. Any US/Europe folks planning on dong this? Anyone already doing this?

Nabil Ahsan

We should get into the habit of having a hierarchy in our emails. No large blocks of text. Separate them with headings or bold text so it becomes easier to scan for both you and your recipient.

Nabil Ahsan

When the client is adamant about what they want the title to be, even though it doesn't make sense even after saying it out loud a hundred times.

Nabil Ahsan

If you are a freelancer or an agency (regardless of how well you are doing), go ahead watch this absolute banger from thefutur.…

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