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Jake Dragash
Replying to @rolston

Never had any issues with Namecheap for my domains.

Josh Pindjak
Replying to @jakedragash @rolston

Yea +1 for namecheap. Their website itself is butt ugly but it works lol, never had any issues.

Jake Dragash
Replying to @josh_ @rolston

Agreed — as long as they safely keep my domains! Their prices also seem totally fair IMO.

Seth @sthr
Replying to @rolston

Namecheap, name-com and eyeing cloudflare for cheaper price of some tlds

Jonas Maaløe
Replying to @sthr @rolston

Namecheap and Cloudflare for me

Laura 🦄
Replying to @rolston

I use inwx but because they are located in Germany (ie general region where I live). If I was in the US I would probably / maybe use smtg different? Same with hosting, I like the idea of servers not being in the USA lol