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Angela Martinez

I will be at Config next month - anyone want to grab coffee, a drink, lunch, dinner, etc. on June 25 or 26? Are there events/meetups? I fly to Japan on the 27th :D

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Are there any designers in the Bay Area that would be interested in starting something to explore/practice design beyond the approaches we might typically take in the tech industry? Here’s some context to supplement this question:

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Joshua Hoy

Looking for illustrators, artists, painters, draw-rers for a future project I have going on. This is more organic artistry as opposed to graphic design. Would love to meet you and offer you work based on your availability! @ people below! 👇

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What will help in this job market: You can help your unemployed friends by referring or introducing someone to a hiring manager or someone on the hiring team. If you are a privileged white male, consider helping folks outside of your bubble.

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Jamie Sigadel

Question to people who have gone from some form of unemployment to being employed between late 2022 (iirc, when the trend of massive layoffs started) to now: What is harder, interviewing for a design job or doing your day-to-day design work? Honestly curious lol

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I’m working on a new thing and looking for principle product designers to talk to. Who should I talk to?