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Aamin Ojha
Replying to @stevenyuen

looks pretty could i get a link to the store page?

Steven Yuen
Replying to @aamin

Hi Aamin! It is not out publicly yet, but you can sign up for the TestFlight at

An everyday digital notebook. A crafted, native, offline-first app for collecting your notes, your thoughts and inspiration.
Ricardo Rey
Replying to @stevenyuen @aamin

will do!

Replying to @stevenyuen

Tremendous, having it across devices is important specially having in computer, because if you are in front of a computer and doing it on the phone is weird. Applaud you for doing a Mac App.

Steven Yuen
Replying to @visualgaze

Thanks Juan!

Justin Mabee
Replying to @stevenyuen

Would love to try it!

Spencer Bittle
Replying to @stevenyuen

gotta get my hands on it!