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Kyle Ancheta

how's there no "heh" emoji? 😏 is close, but i need the squinty eyes to properly convey my mischief and other things

Jonas Maaløe
Replying to @kyle

Plus 😏 is clearly part of the horny-emoji pack I’ll sometimes throw in ☺️ but it has more of a”bless your heart” energy

Jonas Maaløe
Replying to @adameastburn @kyle

😏 “hey” It’s at least a lil horny

Simon Riisnæs Dagfinrud
Replying to @jmaaloe @adameastburn @kyle

if you're 😏 you might as well throw in a 💦 or 🍑, if you ask me in professional settings i'd resort to the more family friendly 😼