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Noah Conk
Replying to @albingroen

Designers literally want one thing…

Ibro Chundusu
Replying to @noahconk @albingroen

this is eames lounge erasure

San Chung
Replying to @albingroen

@sang has em set up too

Sang Lee
Sang Lee @sang
Replying to @san @albingroen

They’re great! So expensive though, and they take forever to ship to the states 😭😭

Rome @roe
Replying to @albingroen

I love vitsoe so much I want a shelving system and the 620 nesting tables

Caspian Ievers
Replying to @albingroen

I do appreciate them but with with 4 meter ceilings it’s never going to happen.

Jon Hargreaves
Replying to @albingroen

Such a killer shelving system 👏🏻

Leary Labanlic
Replying to @albingroen

hahaha we all have the same brain

Spencer Bittle
Replying to @albingroen

if there is anything we all want regardless, it’s these. 😅

Dima Grinkevych
Replying to @albingroen

we are in this together and I look at the price regularly to cool down with it