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Jon Hargreaves
Jon Hargreaves

Tomorrow morning in Norfolk, Virginia! 👀 If you're in the area, get yourself a ticket and come sip on 4 very special coffees with us:…

Andy Chung

Hats are now available 👀 Trying something new and shipping free both domestic and internationally!

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Adam Ho

New work: brand identity for Valhalla

Jon Hargreaves

Soon 👀

Jon Hargreaves

🌐 800+ ESSENTIAL ICONS DOWNLOADS 🌐 I'm so excited to see Essential Icons continue to grow and thank you to everyone who has downloaded the library! If you haven't checked out the library yet, head over to to download it for free. 💚

Jon Hargreaves

What do y'all think of this "case studies" deck I put together for my top 2023 projects? I'm open to any and all feedback. :) 🔗