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Jonas Maaløe
Replying to @ayydhar

Different strokes etc, and your feeling is totally valid. For me though — outside a small phpBB forum for Copenhagbutt’s electronic clubbing scene in mid-2000 — Posts is easily turning into one of my favorite virtual spaces since I got chronically online in late 1990

Anshuman Dhar
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that's really nice to hear! i'm hoping i find something similar someday

Kyle Ancheta
Replying to @ayydhar

totally valid, social media's exhausting. i dislike a lot of it but i think what i like about posts is that the community here's real and simple. so far, just people sharing parts of themselves and i'm able to curate it.

David Mendes
Replying to @kyle @ayydhar

Yeah, and I think the cool part of this here, is that when someone shares something meaningful and authentic, people actually listen, and engage. That's not so often the case in other platforms.

Spencer Bittle
Replying to @ayydhar

that’s fair. posts is not all that different inherently. but in my experience for some months, I’ve actually fostered real conversation and connection unlike even threads where I hardly even share anything, but posts motivates the opposite for me.

Spencer Bittle
Replying to @ayydhar

if you’re feeling like a break is necessary, I’d listen to that advice. I did so for many months, eventually returning and feeling quite a bit different about my relationship with social and internet as a whole. do what will rejuvenate you.