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You spent the last years with Spotify, created loads of playlists, followed hundreds of artists, and favorited thousands of tracks. Now, you start using Apple Music too. Do you move over your whole archive or start with a clean state?

Daniël van der Winden
Replying to @philipptemmel

I moved my playlists, but started fresh on saving albums to my library. Also, not a fan of either platform. Spotify is a mess, and Music is so clunky.

Replying to @danielvdw

Yeah, personally I think Spotify became a mess over the last couple of months too, but I really enjoy their recommendations based on what I am listening to, so in the hope Apple Music would do the same, I was thinking about starting with a clean state.

Replying to @philipptemmel @danielvdw

What music library app - cloud or offline - is not a mess?

Eryc @eryc
Replying to @joer @philipptemmel @danielvdw

That’s incredible! Can you transfer to iPod with this? 👀

Joe Russell
Replying to @eryc @philipptemmel @danielvdw

Nope, just a great iOS and Mac app. Try the trials!

Replying to @joer @eryc @danielvdw

There was also a third-party Apple Music app, right? I think I read about it in Macstories but I can not recall its name 😑