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Daniël van der Winden
Replying to @philipptemmel

I moved my playlists, but started fresh on saving albums to my library. Also, not a fan of either platform. Spotify is a mess, and Music is so clunky.

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Yeah, personally I think Spotify became a mess over the last couple of months too, but I really enjoy their recommendations based on what I am listening to, so in the hope Apple Music would do the same, I was thinking about starting with a clean state.

Tor 🌿
Replying to @philipptemmel @danielvdw

What music library app - cloud or offline - is not a mess?

Joe Russell
Replying to @torbollingmo @philipptemmel @danielvdw

Doppler Music Player for Mac and iPhone
Doppler is a powerful music player that makes owning music simpler
Eryc @eryc
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That’s incredible! Can you transfer to iPod with this? 👀

Joe Russell
Replying to @eryc @torbollingmo +2 others

Nope, just a great iOS and Mac app. Try the trials!

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There was also a third-party Apple Music app, right? I think I read about it in Macstories but I can not recall its name 😑

Saša Čečavac
Replying to @philipptemmel

I moved all of my playlists with Soundizz but I needed to add the albums manually. Hope this helps. Spotify truly is becoming more messier…

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Uh thank you for highlighting Soundizz, going to check that out.

Spring 🏳️‍🌈
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i used soundizz as well

Adam Eastburn
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Clean slate

Spencer Bittle
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Spring 🏳️‍🌈
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move! you will miss your faves. apple music does not have good discoverability and the UI is maddening - however the quality of the sound is top notch. it's very difficult for me to listen to music on any other platform.

Ron Bronson
Replying to @philipptemmel

I didn't move all my playlists, but I have moved some. Apple Music discovery and UI are garbage, which make it hard to stick with.

Replying to @philipptemmel

Congrats on the migration🤘🏼 as others mentioned, soundizz is perfect.