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I can read as much as I can on the internet, but still, I missed the news that Automattic acquired Texts last year. Just found out about that, reading the announcement that they acquired its competitor, Beeper, too.…

The World’s Best Inbox Just Got Better
Automattic welcomes Beeper to the family.

I am excited to finally see my new tiny home on the internet live and published ✨ For quite some time I strived for a personal corner on the internet, dedicated to what I am passionate about rather than just having a portfolio. 😊 Enjoy browsing ✌️

Philipp Temmel
Welcome to Philipp Temmel's tiny home on the internet, a little corner where I share what I write, read, listen, and work on.
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Noah Jacobus

I love RSS


Who should I contact who makes top-notch product videos of apps to showcase its features and capabilities? 👀 I am looking for someone who can create a similar video to what Amie ( is using within their hero section. Hit me with some recommendations 😊🙌

Amie - Joyful productivity
Meet the all-in-one calendar. Schedule time for todos, events, and contacts with joy. Try it for free!

Anyone searching for an Amie invite? I have three to share ✌️ Just send me your email address and I send it over 😊

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Ece Kural

Very new to this community! I'm a co-founder of Scrintal, a superpowered canvas with networked note-taking. We're looking for a Senior Digital Marketer. Is there anyone you think is a good match?…

Scrintal hiring Senior Digital Marketer in Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden | LinkedIn
Posted 8:18:47 AM. We're on the lookout for a Senior Digital Marketer to join us and take the lead in this knowledge…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn.