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Adam Sammons
Replying to @lucheto

Picking a side might be more lucrative in terms of job demand. It's difficult to take sell yourself without a focus/niche. Once you land somewhere often your role becomes more ambiguous and can provide help/leadership with all your talents.

Luis Martinez
Replying to @watercycle

I always thought about it the other way. Having both abilities makes you stand out. But I see your point how it would be easier niching down at the beginning

Taurean Bryant
Replying to @lucheto @watercycle

I have a resume for UI Engineer, product design, and front-end development. Right now they’re not really different lol, but I change the one I use based on the job I’m applying for. There are dedicated UI engineer/Design engineer roles that explicitly require both backgrounds.

Olia Gozha
Replying to @lucheto

These are good questions. I’m also confused with all these titles

Replying to @lucheto

i’d say whichever side you want to focus on should be the lead. UI/UX developer might be the best mix of both

Hugo Raymond
Replying to @lucheto

@kejk and I are trying to work this out atm 😅

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Hugo Raymond
Replying to @lucheto

Oh and let’s just throw Design Technologist & Creative Technologist into the mix too haha!…

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