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Matteo Modica
Matteo Modica

This is the cover image I designed for my latest article on Sublimio blog, comparing branding and marketing agencies. Despite the typical hurry related to self-initiated activities, I quite like it. Any improvement suggestion?

Hard question: do you need a branding agency or marketing agency?
Branding agency or marketing agency? Find out how to choose the right partner, and what deliverables to expect for your business's growth.
Matteo Modica

I was like: "ok, just one more and I'll go back to working". A little game for the fellow OCDs here:

Can't Unsee
A game where you need to pick the design that is most correct. Test your attention to details!
Matteo Modica

I have just seen the Rabbit's R1 AI-powered device, designed by teenage engineering (😍). While my gut says "Order it now!", I have mixed feelings about it. What do you think? BTW, if Apple wants to maintain its leadership in design, should acquire them.

rabbit — home
r1: your pocket companion. Order now: $199, no subscription required.
Matteo Modica

Enjoying some UI design today. Any tips on how to improve this?