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toby delorenzo
Joshua Hoy

Designers. If you’ve got a new project or a new feature it’s part of the design process to spend a day just thinking. No Figma, no inspo sites, just thought.


A new Felix location

Jonas Maaløe

There’s 1 (one) correct way of doing your design portfolio, and varying wrong ways the rest of us did it: Case links are to single tweets by Chan silent video demoing feature Shortest demo? 0:06 Longest is 0:57 His name is a f*cking mailto: link

toby delorenzo

I dig posts I really do, but when I'm on the everyone tab I just feel like I'm constantly walking into the middle of the conversation and interrupting

toby delorenzo

Maybe it's because I'm working on my portfolio, but it's apparent every designer really struggles with keeping it up to date. ???? What's the biggest pain point for you when updating your portfolio ?

toby delorenzo

Does anyone else see a font and absolutely need it right now?