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Tyler Wanlass
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Spent an evening prioritizing some ideas with a local Toronto café. Will be getting some events, videos, and more into motion this Summer.

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I hate to be annoying, reposting this for visibility. We have only one response so far. I am hoping to get at least 10 to start discussing plans with... Wait for it... Developers. Yes, plural. I got another one. I REALLY appreciate anyone who interacts with this ❤️

Antonija Pek on Posts
My developer buddy and I are building a newsletter app and now it's time to get some better understanding of what are we building. If you send newsletters or sell digital products please help us out by filling this survey. ❤️
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Jina Anne

PSA: If you use Dropbox, they just added a toggle in your desktop web settings, allowing OpenAI to access your file data… and turned the toggle *on* by default. If you don’t want a third-party AI accessing all your files, turn that setting off.

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Spencer Marsh

An iconic stay in Iceland The appreciation in the region for good design is special – dreaming of a nordic home someday 😴

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Andy Chung

Hi all, today we're excited to share the submissions of the community icon project! As promised you can use this page to vote on your top 4 icons to be included in the Posts iOS app. Voting will be open until Friday, November 3rd, at 5pm PST.

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