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Looks rad , do you know the html energy people ? If you want I could connect you

html energy
html energy is all around us and in this very website.
Ross Zurowski
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Yes, the event is very much inspired by them! ❇️ I emailed them about listing this one on like they did for the last one

Steven Yuen
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Awesome. I’ll see if I can come!

Ross Zurowski
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Please do! The last one was a fun time!

Cindy Wu
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hbd html

Taurean Bryant
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I absolutely love this

Chanbroset Prach
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Whaaat this looks amazing

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Looks really fun and wholesome 🤗

Lauri Borén
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Talk about touching grass... (I absolutely love this!)

Garry Ing
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HTML (Birthday) in the Park

Doggo resting on the grass with a group of people sitting in the background